Dr. Gerald Roche: Language rights are human rights

Antropogist Dr. Gerald Roche answered our questions about language rights: "The lack of any meaningful international mechanisms relating to language rights means that states are more or less free to do as they please, and all countries in the world exploit this to some degree."


Gianluca Constantini: The idea of Justice in Turkey is really under trial

Italian artist Gianluca Constantini, in an interview with Kronos, talked about the situation of the artists in Turkey today: "How can you be a real artist in this moment in Turkey without freedom of expression? It's really hard not to be a regime artist, when journalist, teachers, activists are in jail."


Ekonomistler faiz kararını beğenmedi: Vitrin-makyaj politikası

Merkez Bankası açıkladığı faiz kararı ekonomistler tarafından beğenilmedi. Özgür Demirtaş, "Vitrin-makyaz politikası" olarak nitelerken Uğur Gürses ise, "Enflasyonu, bunu patlatana temizletmeye kalkarsanız olacağı bu" değerlendirmesinde bulundu.


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